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Preschool cook at Lucky Candle

Polly Lorien performed at Lucky Candle.  Julia and Opal danced with the music.Opal having a moment with her grandma. On April 11, The Children's Garden parents and staff team cooked and sang for the fundraising at Lucky Candle. The menu for the meal was three varieties of curry, Basmati rice, lettuce mix from the Goldfinch Gardens, Naan bread, and apple pie and pound cake for dessert. Tables were full of neighbors and friends who came to support for the fundraising at the Celo Community Center. Many of them were preschool graduates' parents and staff from the past. Special feature was a singer and song writer, Polly Lorien filled the evening with music entertainment. She sang children's songs, "Morningtown Train", "Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts", and other favorites such as "Over the Rainbow", and her original "Perfect Speed". We are grateful for her gift of music and being such a fun and thoughtful assistant teacher at the Children's Garden. Thank you everyone who contributed to the yummy meal and helping with the evening!!!

Spring Masquerade

Vera and Opal set up the picnic tablesleeping families The children set up the tables   Enjoying the picnic in the warm sunshine.The children decorated the walk way with pictures of spring. On Friday March 14, we had our annual Spring Masquerade. Children dressed up in their hand dyed silkies and hand made crowns and woke up the sleeping world which was represented by sleeping parents and neighbors. This is a reenactment from a part of a story called "the Root Children" by Sibylle von Olfers. It happened to be on such a beautiful day (March weather is so unpredictable) and the children were very excited to have their families over!

At the circle time, we talked about all the winter treasure that we have to say good bye to: walking on the icy river, making snow angels, sliding on the snowy bank, eating snow, and taking a warm foot bath. We also talked about what nature treasure the spring time is going to bring: birds' songs, butterflies, colors and smells of spring flowers, tadpoles turning to frogs, and warm sunshine! We are so glad that we can recognize the goodness of each season and move forward with it.

Thank you parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and staff of the Children's Garden for arranging to be at the celebration. I hope everyone had a good time with the potluck and visits with each other. Enjoy the spring break!

We have a new friend, Theodore!

Theodore enjoyed playing with the fire engine on the first day of preschool


We have a new friend at preschool, Theodore! Theodore is learning to adjust to the preschool environment. On the second day, he almost sat through the whole snack period! There have been lots of kindness and sympathy expressed by "old" preschoolers. Theodore is teaching us lots of new signs- toilet, dog, play, all done. We are excited to get to know Theodore and his family. Welcome to the Children's Garden!

Martinmas and Lantern Walk

Story teller, Sherry Lovett telling a story of St. Martin

enjoying the warm soup and bread potluck

warming up by the campfire

Michael and Galen came.  Galen was two when Heather first helped us start Martinmas at preschool.

November 8, we had our annual Martinmas and Lantern Walk. Opal's parents hosted us at a cozy neighborhood with a beautiful stream running by their home. We were blessed to have the strong wind subside half way through the day, so when we gather late afternoon to evening, it was calm and peaceful. Sherry Lovett started off the evening with a great story of Martin. She told us that Martin was a little boy who was very kind. Then he grow up and became a Roman soldier because it was the law. She talked about his kindness to his servant and to other people who were under-privileged. When the story was over, she lead us all to sing: See Martin's light is all around Within your heart it can be found Ha la, ha la, ha la, ha lo Shine your light every where you go Then we sang more songs of lanterns together. We walked with our lanterns on the driveway through the quiet neighborhood. It started to get dark and we could see the glimmers of our lanterns. We went back to the outdoor pavilion at Opal's house to have warm soup and bread and other food that people had brought to share. Gretchen and Jona treated us with home-made hot apple cider. We gathered around a campfire and we felt warm and I believe our heart felt light. Blessings to all.

Fundraising Pasta Meal

Happy October!

How quickly this year is already passing! We sang "Summer Good-bye" and had a wonderful Harvest Festival. Well I was sick, but thanks to Anna and Amelia we have officially welcomed autumn. I got a chance to make Harvest Soup for everyone. It was very sweet way for me to celebrate fall and say thank you to preschool parents, staff, and neighbors that support preschool. Blessings,

The Lantern Walk / Martinmas

Our Lantern Walk and Martinmas was so lovely this year.  We started with the St. Martin's story told by Sherry Lovett in the field by the Emmet's house.  After the story, we sang a few lantern songs "Red , Yellow, Green and Blue", "I Walk with My Little Lantern".  We lit the lanterns that we made atpreschool and started our walk.  We went to our elderly friends house and sang songs with them.  The children walked up to them to show their lanterns before we said good bye.  We walked across Camp Celo cow pasture.   By then, it was starting to get chilly and dark, but we were glad that there was no wind.  It was beautiful to see the parents and children  walking together with their colorful lanterns.  We had a delicious pot-luck back at Emmet's.   We felt so cozy and warm by the camp fire and enjoyed the beautiful star-lit sky.


Gray walking with hand made lantern. 

Fundraising Meal

Thank you so much for all your team effort to make the fundraising meal be such a success this year (Oct.12).  The October is such a busy month and I so appreciate your making this one of your priorities.  The sauces for pasta casino spiele online were so delicious.  Bread was still steaming and lettuce from the Goldfinch Garden was crispy and beautiful!  The dessert was amazing!  Thank you for donating pastas and helping with set up and washing dishes.  I hope all of you enjoyed the meal and company.  This fundraising make our small unique preschool program stay open to business.  Thanks for your continued support.

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival is this Friday, September 21. We will sing good bye to the summer and welcome the autumn. Please send a vegetable with your child in addition to roulette online snack fruit this week.  We will make the Harvest Soup on Friday morning.  Please arrive at 11:30am with bread or side dish.  We also need you to bring eating utensils (bowls, spoons, cups) for the family.  Hope to see you there!