Food and Nutrition

Feeding horses, playing peek-a-boo, yummy nasturtium

At Becky's Garden, we taste nasturtium.  We talked about different flavors.  Julia playing peek-a-boo with Annelise.We get to say hello and give left over snack apples to horses.  We found that horses like to eat pears also! We had a lovely walk to Becky's Garden. Becky came out to say hello to children as usual. She always has interesting stories to tell us, or informs us with names of certain plants. This day, she showed us a plant (common name "money plant" that went to seeds. She showed us how to peel layers to get to the seeds. There is a separating sheet it looks like a silvery full moon. She told us the scientific name is "lunaria". Vera especially enjoyed finding the moon, and she kept the seeds for planting.

The brown horse "cowboy" came running to say hello to us. We brought apple and pear cores left from our snack time to feed the hourses (white one is not pictured). Julia, Cosmo, and Vera enjoyed feeding them. Mari helped their hand to shape like a "plate" and she put apple core on the "plate". They giggled as cowboy licked off the food from their hands. Other children enjoyed watching.

On the way back, we walked by Fuller's house. Children played peek-a-boo with each other. Cosmo and Mattias loves to play "riding on a bus", at the base of a big trees. Vera has a favorite tree to climb. We checked out many mushrooms along the way.

Melichrous Doe Bread

We started to use bread baked by Melichrous Doe.  Micheal bakes this delicious, nutritious, and beautiful bread right here in Celo.   We were buying Ezekiel Sprouted Bread, but now we can use the same money to support the local business. Well, all that is wonderful, but would children like the bread, I wondered over the weekend.  When I introduced it, they loved it.  They had many questions like "Why there are so many holes?" and "Why is it so dark at the bottom?"  I said to Michael maybe we can come over to observe him make a loaf or to see the fire to heat the oven.  He said "Sure!"  Michael's daughter Gina thought it was great that we are using the bread at her old school.  "Lucky little ones!"  (she was there not too long ago)