Daily Schedule

8:30 am   Arrival. Teacher and parents work together to assist the child with the transition. Children choose their own activity from a wide variety possibilities.

9:00 am   The table project is prepared, (Tuesday-painting, Wednesday-modeling with clay, Thursday-paper crafts, Friday-seasonal craft.) The children are guided to use the bathroom. Diapers are changed.

9:30 am  Clean up time is signaled with the playing of the tenor recorder. The children will be helped and encouraged to clean up the room and gather for circle time on the circular rug. On Tuesday we have finger-plays; on Wednesday we have music and movement with percussion instruments; on Thursday we have songs from around the world; on Friday counting songs.

10:00 am   Snack time. We provide a healthy, nutritious snack for your child. We try to accommodate allergies.

10:30 am   We get dressed to go outside for playing and walking.

11:45 am   Return from the walk and play in playground.

12 noon    Story time. Each day we tell a story. The story remains the same for a whole week, sometimes two weeks. We use simple props to help bring the story to life. The stories we tell are carefully chosen so that they bring to life the virtues that we are always endeavoring to practice.

12:15 pm  Pick-up time begins.