Celebrating Chinese New Year

We learned about the Chinese New year.  Having the guest presenter was very exciting and meaningful for the children. Over the week, we read a story called Celebrating Chinese New Year,  made snake paper ornament, and learned to say a few words in Mandarin.   Children had good questions such as "Do you throw candy on your new year parade?", "Why do Chinese people make chopsticks out of wood?", "Why do you write like this (Chinese characters)?", "Why do letters look different?".  It shows their minds are wondering, comparing, and searching for explanation.  It was a great cultural exposure.  Special thanks to Kai-en and David's family. Special cleaning to welcome the new year

Learning to eat with chopsticks

Karen (Kai-en) from Hong Kong came to present Chinese cultrue



Special cleaning to welcome the New Year

Dragon mask was very exciting.  Dragon is said to bring good luck.

Kai-en presenting Chinese culture at circle time

Locating Hong Kong in the map of Asia