Costumes for Spring Masquerade








Spring Masquerade costumes this year was made from 10 large wool shirts donated by Appalatch- Theo's father's company. The dye was again from Cedar Johnson. My friend, Dari, and I had so much fun creating little capes, dresses, shorts, hats, and neck/belly warmers the night  before. We felt like elves imagining how sweet children would look in the clothes! When children saw them, they were so excited! We went right into dying the costumes. Older girls wanted dresses, younger boys wanted capes, and others chose shorts to dye. Alena took few children at a time outside to dye their costumes while Rachel and I managed the more or less normal routine inside. We had a lovely snack time eating delicious sandwich bread made with Jonah's hands. Children remarked how Alena's purple-red curls on her hair looked just like the color of the dye. We had a lovely walk outside through the air filled with songs of spring birds and laughter of children. It was Alena's last day working at preschool. Children will miss her kind words and her creative senses, and the purple-red curls on her hair.

We share food and stories at snack time.