Duck Dance Farm

5 weeks old Welsh Harlequins Pat Poole giving tour of the farm

children watching the duck eat boiled potatoes for treat

Julia watching the 5 days old ducklings

families enjoyed the tour of duck pond

We had a wonderful field trip to our friend's duck farm.  We have been telling stories of ducks, singing duck songs and other bird songs at preschool, so it was a perfect timing.  When we arrived, we saw the ducks splashing and bathing in the pond.  Children were so excited that they wanted to get closer look!  We took Pat's tour of ducks to see rare and endangered species.  We learned that ducks are not as common as chickens, but lay plenty of nutritious eggs.  Children had a list of questions to ask Pat and Andrew.  Emmet wanted to know if ducks would eat apple peels (this question came up at our snack time), and Andrew answered that ducks can probably eat apple peels if they are cut small.  He explained that ducks don't have molar teeth like we do to grind things, so food has to be pretty soft or watery (like watermelon!).  Chase loved learning names of each kind of ducks "Look Mari, Kahki Campbell!  Welsh Harlequin!  Saxony!" Inside, we saw 5 days old ducklings that are yellow with shade of brown on the head.  They were peeping under a warm light.  Children enjoyed watching cute ducklings!  We shared some duck eggs to take home for baking and cooking.  Wow!  It was a full and wonderful day!  Thank you to all the parents and Duck Dance Farm.