We had a wonderful field trip to see the calf (almost a week old) at AMS.  We walked though beautiful arcade of rhododendron trees and bubbling brook.  We crossed four hand built bridges to AMS.  After the snack and saying hi to Micah (volunteer), Brian, and Brad, we went to see the calf.  It was rolled up in a ball so quietly and peacefully.  It seemed to have overly large nose for his size.  After we watched for a while, it stood up on wobbly feet and walked over to Nettle (mother cow).  Then Tal came over and told us that there is a lamb just born an hour ago.  He invited us to see the lamb, so we loaded on the truck and had a hay ride to the Falcon field.  Mother sheep was still in labor for the second one.  We saw the tiny black sheep following white mother sheep.  His feet were still week but his instinct was strong.  He seached for mother"s nipples to nurse which Tal thought it real pokies online would help to bring the next baby sooner.  It was so sweet to see the interaction between the mother and the baby.  We talked about how the mother was licking the baby just like Roska did in the story we were telling that week.

Finn enjoying the snack time

Shaw enjoying the flower at AMS

Emmet exploring the creek from above on the way to AMS

Nettle and her calf

Baby lamb searching to nurse