First Week Back to Preschool!

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We had a wonderful first week back to preschool. The returning children were excited to see everyone, and the preschool rythem seemed to comfort them. The new children seemed happy to be at preschool. Everyone enjoyed the time when we sat together to share the snack. The lights in the main room were turned off so that we can all relax in the natural light. We found a seat to sit and held hands to make a circle around the table. First, there was lots of busy noise of chairs, cups hitting the table, children talking and making sounds all at once. When we held hand together, we took a big long breath, and tried to be quiet. It is only a brief moment or two, but very sweet time to have children join in the silence. Finally after the silence, we sing our grace, and "yum hum". We spread love all around with "butterflies". We have lots of rituals before the snack. Opal Violeta wrote me a note both in word and picture so that I would remember to bring matches to light a candle for snack time.