First week reflection

Everyone is doing so well.  The returning children seem happy and content.  They certainly grew bigger and sturdier over the summer.  Having them comfortably and freely play at the preschool sets the environment safe and interesting place for the new children.  We stayed at the playground the first day to establish the base, but from the second day on, children were ready to slots online venture out for a walk.  We watched the Tibbit"s cabin move from the hill behind it.   We had a lovely play time at the Bethany"s Garden and around the pond. We went to a creek and enjoyed building a dam, rolling down the hill, climbing up the hill.  On Friday, at Tibbit"s Garden, we had so much fun gathering colorful flower petals and wrapping them in a plantain leaf to make a small parcel for each other.  Thank you Kurt and Stephanie for arranging a tree cutter to take some dead limbs hanging over the playground!