Flower appreciation at Circle Time

DSC04275 DSC04278



We enjoyed seeing the sequence of tulip and hyacinth flowers from beginning to end. The tulips have green buds with a hint of pink which gets bigger and finally opens to the sunshine. The middle of the flower looked like a star. Vera noticed when it was placed in a cool part of the room, the flower closed a little. Even after the flower petal fell off, the stamen kept growing bigger. We sang Japanese tulip song:

Saita Saita tulip no hanaga (opened up, opened up flower of tulip) Naranda Naranda aka shiro kiiro (in a row, in a row, red, while, and yellow) Dono hana mitemo kireidana (how pretty is each and every one)

The hyacinth is a long blooming flower. The pink one had a second stalk which made a smaller cluster of flowers. We have made tally marks for pink, white, and purple hyacinth to count how many people liked them.