Flower pot sale!

Preschool planted flower bulbs in late October. We learned that the pointy end of the bulb has to point up the dirt. Tulip bulbs have a flat side which you have to put it against the side of a pot. Everyone helped plant them, but Eben and Ginger were such good partners. They planted more than some of the older children. Eben carried pots into the box to go home with Mari. They were kept at even temperature and are now coming up and looking green and healthy! Vera was so excited that she drew a picture of the shoots! Eben likes to "open" the leaves to see what is inside. Cosmo says, "It's still sleeping! (when it wakes up the flower will bloom)" I like to think of shoots as presents all wrapped up to be opened. I can't wait to see it grow and make flowers! We are learning to be patient - December virtue. DSC03675






The flower pots are sold out this year! All 75 pots at $10 each. The profit goes to scholarship fund. I would like to thank Whitney Braisington and Lucy Lodge for being sponsors. It means so much for the preschool.