Frog Eggs

Close up of frog eggs Children were so excited to find frog eggs!

A pregnant frog often lays eggs attached to a fallen branch in a pond

Frog eggs at Bethany's Garden

Spring is getting closer! We found frog eggs at Bethany's Garden on Feb. 26. We have heard frogs making interesting sounds 5 days before that. According to last year's note (2013), frog eggs were found on Jan. 31. And a year before that in 2012, first frog eggs were found on Feb. 7. Anyway, the children were so excited! We gently tore a small cluster and too it back to the preschool. Frog eggs were then placed in a bowl of water for us to observe. On Feb 28, instead of a black round body inside the jelly like cell, it was elongated and made a U shape. Children observed the difference in shape. On March 4, children saw that they were wiggling and trying to come out of the jelly like eggs. Before we left for a walk, one of them had finally come out of the egg! We sang happy birthday to the tadpole. Now we have to start getting fresh algae for them to eat! We found that it is very hard to count tadpoles because they wiggle and move around the bowl now. There are about 20 of them, I think!