Harvest Festival

dsc06788dsc06789dsc06790dsc06793dsc06792dsc06795dsc06798dsc06799dsc06800dsc06801dsc06802dsc06803dsc06787 Our Harvest Festival took place after 3 weeks into our new fall semester. It gave a wonderful reason for families to come together to celebrate and meet some new and old families.


Children worked hard to cut, tear, crush, grate, transfer, pour, and stir to make the Harvest Soup. It had some special greens that Ryan dried and milled. It had miso that Mari made. It had mushrooms that we gathered on our walk. It had all the vegetables that children brought. It had love of all the hands made the soup.


We were blessed with a beautiful day for the community of neighbors and families to gather at 11:30 am. We had a circle to introduced ourselves. We sang "Summer Good Bye" and welcomed the autumn. We played "Catch the tail" game which was simply pairing up and taking turns with catching the tail. Grandparents, mothers, and fathers played with children. We were thankful for the delicious soup and wonderful side dish and bread that folks brought to share.


There were enough Harvest Soup to take home for family members who were not able to come. We wish you all a happy autumn!