Many hands make light work





The past 6 years or so, we have been selling flower pots to raise money for the preschool scholarship fund. It has been an important fundraiser in order to financially assist young families with the tuition payment.

Some years, I had alumni children help me plant the bulbs. Other years I have done it myself. Last year, a staff member suggested that the preschoolers be part of the planting.

I remember it being a fun and learning experience because preschoolers love to plant the bulbs, but sometimes the bulbs were pointing down into the soil. I had to go over each one to make sure it was upright "to shoot towards the sun".

This year, I realized we needed more adults for this type of activity. I invited parents for the "Potting Party". Parents responded willingly and stayed to plant.

I could not believe how quickly the bulbs were getting planted. Many hands make light work. Under the late October sunshine, the parents and the children were cheerful and content giving their time and energy for potting the bulbs.

Now three and a half weeks later, the first shoots are up and looking very attractive. May these flowers bring people the same happiness and contentment we felt planting them.