Rachel's Birthday Story

IMG_1622 (1) We don't usually do a staff birthday story, but when the children found out that it was Rachel's birthday, they all asked to have the birthday story. It was at the end of a wonderful autumn day. The children all gathered in the story circle. When Rachel finished cleaning the classroom and came outside, they all sat quietly and waited for the story.

Rachel's spirit longed to live on the beautiful earth, and when she was finally ready, she was guided by her angel over the rainbow bridge safely to the arms of her mother and father. Oh, how glad her parents were to see her little hands and beautiful eyes. They planted all their wishes and dreams. The story also talked about all the earthly creatures anticipating Rachel's arrival. The flower whispered to the insect friend how it couldn't wait to have Rachel admire the colors of the delicate petals. The insect flew to tell the horses and other four-legged animals how it was excited about Rachel and her curiosity about the insects (that day Rachel dissected a chrysalis that had turned brown). And so on the whisper spread to the bird of feathers who flew to the river to bring the news. Then the river carried the news to the ocean and to the ocean inhabitants. They were all looking forward to a sweet encounter with Rachel. The story continues on with Rachel's journey around the sun. As she travels longer, she gains more skill and knowledge as well as a deepening of her soul and her understanding of the souls of others.

This story reminds us to that we are connected with everything around us in a very intimate way. Our wonder in nature goes at least two ways. The natural world is reaching out to us as much as we reach out to it.

Children at The Children's Garden seem to take this story to heart. They know insects and other creepy crawlers are living their own lives while we live ours. In special occasions, we get to interact with them. They know that the wind whispers and sunshine smiles on us on a cold walk outside. They know the mother oak tree drops many acorns which dig their red slippery roots in spring in hope to start a new life. We share the space and time with the natural world as it does with us. We share and respond to the natural world as we grow.

The children were engaged in the story and they gave sweet blessings to Rachel on her birthday.