Sisterhood and Brotherhood

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A and O.F. were being very sisterly to younger friends. Helping the younger ones happens naturally when it is obvious that older children are more capable than younger ones. It empowers the older ones when they realize that they have so much to offer. Often the older children bring younger ones "cup and napkin" at snack time and pour some water in their cup. Sometimes an older child would initiate offering a bit of bread to the little ones who keep reaching for a sandwich while waiting for everyone to find their seat at the table. With a little explanation, everyone understands. During the indoor time, whenever little ones walk away from the table with a pair of scissors or put their toys in their mouth or rolling out the toilet papers (the list goes on), older ones are sure to alarm the teachers.

DSC05660 DSC05505We function so much better as a mixed age group. It is particularly helpful when older children help the younger children outside during our walk. When R was exploring the woods he started to follow a child sliding down a hill covered with slippery leaves. I said, "C will you look after R. I think the hill may be too steep for him". C proudly went to R and helped him come back to the main area where we were playing.

Rita and Soccoro are sisters from Mexico. When they come, children are very excited. O.F. enjoyed getting her hair braided by Soccoro. Rita stood behind and twisted the yarn and Soccoro wove it into the braids. We are thankful for the sweet sisterly time shared at preschool.