Spring Masquerade

Vera and Opal set up the picnic tablesleeping families The children set up the tables   Enjoying the picnic in the warm sunshine.The children decorated the walk way with pictures of spring. On Friday March 14, we had our annual Spring Masquerade. Children dressed up in their hand dyed silkies and hand made crowns and woke up the sleeping world which was represented by sleeping parents and neighbors. This is a reenactment from a part of a story called "the Root Children" by Sibylle von Olfers. It happened to be on such a beautiful day (March weather is so unpredictable) and the children were very excited to have their families over!

At the circle time, we talked about all the winter treasure that we have to say good bye to: walking on the icy river, making snow angels, sliding on the snowy bank, eating snow, and taking a warm foot bath. We also talked about what nature treasure the spring time is going to bring: birds' songs, butterflies, colors and smells of spring flowers, tadpoles turning to frogs, and warm sunshine! We are so glad that we can recognize the goodness of each season and move forward with it.

Thank you parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and staff of the Children's Garden for arranging to be at the celebration. I hope everyone had a good time with the potluck and visits with each other. Enjoy the spring break!