Surprise Bunny Visit

DSC07639DSC07643DSC07645 This morning, we had a surprise bunny visit. J's father, Alex said that there were bunnies at their home and their nest was destroyed. Alex said bunnies are getting used to being bottle fed. The gray bunnies were very little, but they already had nice fur and even a small fluff for the tail. Children took turns holding them close to their body to keep them warm.

Just last Thursday, Ryan brought two little ducklings he hatched with an incubator. I think they were a few days old. You could still identify the remains of the egg tooth when they broke the shells to come out. We learned to use gentle hands to softly hold the ducklings. They nuzzled children's shirt looking for things to eat. Ryan gave some ground grains of some sort and we watched the ducklings use their yellow beak to eat.

How so interesting that bunnies hopped and ducklings waddled when they were only born merely days ago. Human babies take almost a year before they can walk. In a sense, we are brought prematurely to the world. We develop slowly.

After we said goodbye to the bunnies, we washed our hands and enjoyed the painting day. One of the children painted a bunny. At the end of the day when the bookmobile came, one of the children wanted a bunny book. I realized how children's mind are so alive making connections to make sense of this world.