The Lantern Walk / Martinmas

Our Lantern Walk and Martinmas was so lovely this year.  We started with the St. Martin's story told by Sherry Lovett in the field by the Emmet's house.  After the story, we sang a few lantern songs "Red , Yellow, Green and Blue", "I Walk with My Little Lantern".  We lit the lanterns that we made atpreschool and started our walk.  We went to our elderly friends house and sang songs with them.  The children walked up to them to show their lanterns before we said good bye.  We walked across Camp Celo cow pasture.   By then, it was starting to get chilly and dark, but we were glad that there was no wind.  It was beautiful to see the parents and children  walking together with their colorful lanterns.  We had a delicious pot-luck back at Emmet's.   We felt so cozy and warm by the camp fire and enjoyed the beautiful star-lit sky.


Gray walking with hand made lantern.