Two weeks of snow!

Snow reveals activities of rabbits Blue jays tracks?

Snow sculptures

Opal making a hole by twisting and pounding a stick

We had two weeks of wintery weather. It started with icy snow that Vera said, "If you take baby steps, you can walk on snow (without sinking your boots in the snow)." We body sledded down the hill behind Friends Meeting. Children slid in all kinds of fashion: on their bottom, on their belly, on their knees, side-way style, on a teacher's lap, and a train going down together hooting "toot toot!" Children took turns with our "sled" (re-purposed plastic container lid that was big enough for one child to use). They would hold the sled for each other as sometimes it was tricky to get on the sled. This was done without teachers being involved. We had to put sand and gravel to slow down the sled on a well polished track so that they wouldn't run into the porch steps especially when Annelise got her running start. Annelise dragged her feet to make friction which was helpful in slowing her down. Opal Claire ate ice and she offered me several times, "Eat ice?" she would say holding a tiny chunk of ice in her mitten.

corporation happened naturally

Opal goes down on her belly- "rocket ship ride"

Opal was content in the quiet beauty.

The second week's snow was good for building and making things with. Cosmo and Tim joined Rachel Weir with clearing the pathways. We were inspired by Rachel who is a caretaker of Friends Meeting rolling huge snow balls down the drive way. Children climbed up on the snow balls and jumped from snow ball to snow ball. We went down to the river and built a tunnel (or a horse depending on who you ask) on the frozen ice. It looked pretty cool. One child decided to pee on his snow ball to make it yellow. He said, "Maybe you can wash it later".  On another walk, children tried to cover the creek with snow. They worked together intensely toward the goal, but nature was not making it easy for them either. By the time I said we should go, their snow suits were looking pretty wet.

We were so thankful that we were able to play and enjoy the snow. I cherish the moments standing in the windy freezing playground looking intensely at snow flakes Vera and Cosmo collected on their mittens. "Here look! Actual live snow flakes!" No doubt that foot bath felt extra good afterwards.