Winter Celebration

IMG_20151218_173627145 IMG_20151218_173555702 IMG_20151218_184554110 IMG_20151218_184458552 IMG_20151218_184403181 IMG_20151218_184353130 IMG_20151218_174330695 IMG_20151218_185139126 IMG_20151218_185052625 IMG_20151218_184944230 IMG_20151218_184859803 IMG_20151218_184815832IMG_20151218_174254594 Winter Celebration took place at Celo Community Center on December 18, 2015. Families gathered to celebrate the winter.

Our potluck was delicious and eating together really made us feel like a big family.

We had a lovely shadow puppet of "Bird Tree" read by O.T.'s grandmother, Nancy. It was so perfect because the story was about a boy visiting a grandmother in the countryside. We love the way the grandmother explained about how wild animals have families just like people. The older siblings of preschoolers presented a wonderful puppeteering. They came out to bow at the end.

We moved upstairs to have our evergreen spiral ceremony. Starting from older children, each one was called to walk on a golden star path holding an unlit candle. The meaning is to find the inner light, our own gift that we share with the world. The path is windy towards the center where the light is lit. Then a child will find a star to lay the candle light on and walk out the second half of the path, the journey. After all the children finished walking, the room was filled with light. It gave a picture of how much light they bring to the world.

On the golden star path walking little children travel far. Bring to us the light of heaven brighter than brightest star.

We are so thankful for our children, parents that are raising the children, and all the loving hands that surround them all. Happy Winter!