Icicle Tees

The icicle tree! Peggy explaining how Clark kept a sprinkler on at night.

Opal enjoys icicles to eat.  Mattias is finding frozen grass.

Magical look of the mountains and green field behind the ice coverd Japanese maple tee.

The morning of April 16, we had a temperature as low as 21 degree in some places in Celo. Many flowering trees and bushes needed special care to fight this hursh course of nature. When we walked to Peggy and Clark's garden, Barb said, "Look at those icicle trees!". Children first didn't realize what she meant, but as we got closer their eyes became very big. "Icicles in spring time? Can we eat them?", Opal said. Peggy explained that Clark started a sprinkler at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning to insulate the maple trees with ice. One tree got so heavy with ice that it needed a support even. Pictures taken by Polly.