Preschool Bread

Delicious home baked bread We have been so lucky to have Jonah bake the preschool bread for us. It is very healthy and nutritious, and it taste so yummy in our tummies! We make almond butter and honey sandwiches with those bread. I don't premake our sandwiches for snack. First we slice the loaf, then turn them on the cutting board, spread almond butter on one side and drizzle honey on the other. We sing "Be Patient" or "Peace is flowing like a river" while we await for the sandwich to get assembled. Children pour water in their cups and drink while they are waiting. Sometimes a short story is read. We hold hands silently (or attempt to) and sing our blessings. It is worth the wait for this delicious treat. David has been wanting to obtain the bread recipe from Jonah, the baker. I think the bread so delicious because it is is packed with nature's goodness and the love of the baker!