Preschool Jack-o-LanternIt took us two days to make Jack-o-lantern. First day, we cut open and got all the seeds out. Boys in particular were very excited with using spoons and tongs as tools to get the seeds out. David said excitedly that he is going to start 10 pumpkin patch from the seeds! We have in our classroom, some beans sprouting from the beans that children shelled, so maybe he was thinking about sprouting pumpkin seeds. We used an heirloom pumpkin I bought from a store since mine rotted in the garden due to the rainy summer this year. The outside of the pumpkin was dull orange color, but the inside was a bright orange! Julia drew the face on the pumpkin and I cut them out. We sang "Once I had a pumpkin" as we cut out the eyes, nose, mouth and ears (she drew cheeks too). They enjoyed plugging the cut out pieces back, and pulling them out again like pieces of puzzles. When it was finished, we talked about how the pumpkin will no longer hold water in as it did the day before. (Children pored water in the pumpkin using a small pitcher. It took 6 pitchers of water to fill the pumpkin.) We also talked about roasting the seeds to eat. We have been reading "Pumpkin Soup" at preschool, so I said maybe I will make a pumpkin soup for the Lantern Walk. They all thought would be a great idea. We lit the candle in the freshly made Jack-o-Lantern for snack time.