Martinmas and Lantern Walk

Story teller, Sherry Lovett telling a story of St. Martin

enjoying the warm soup and bread potluck

warming up by the campfire

Michael and Galen came.  Galen was two when Heather first helped us start Martinmas at preschool.

November 8, we had our annual Martinmas and Lantern Walk. Opal's parents hosted us at a cozy neighborhood with a beautiful stream running by their home. We were blessed to have the strong wind subside half way through the day, so when we gather late afternoon to evening, it was calm and peaceful. Sherry Lovett started off the evening with a great story of Martin. She told us that Martin was a little boy who was very kind. Then he grow up and became a Roman soldier because it was the law. She talked about his kindness to his servant and to other people who were under-privileged. When the story was over, she lead us all to sing: See Martin's light is all around Within your heart it can be found Ha la, ha la, ha la, ha lo Shine your light every where you go Then we sang more songs of lanterns together. We walked with our lanterns on the driveway through the quiet neighborhood. It started to get dark and we could see the glimmers of our lanterns. We went back to the outdoor pavilion at Opal's house to have warm soup and bread and other food that people had brought to share. Gretchen and Jona treated us with home-made hot apple cider. We gathered around a campfire and we felt warm and I believe our heart felt light. Blessings to all.