Snack Time

We love our candle that Amanda, assistant teacher from last year, had gifted us. It is hand-made (by Amanda) bees wax candle.  Our story in Dec. talks about a "star flower" that shines to guide our dark winter.  Can you see it on the candle?  Vera holding a "star" in the apple that was sliced into rings.

Snack time - We are so happy to eat home-made bread sandwich with almond butter and honey.  We enjoy sharing fruits from home.

We turn off lights to promote calm and peaceful snack time. We notice the amount of natural light that comes into our room. This will depend on the time of the year (leaves shades the sunlight in fall. angles of the sun changes through the season) and also the weather for the day(cloudy day as opposed to sunny day. snow reflect sunshine to make the room brighter). We wonder together all the reason this happens in nature. We have been lighting a candle during late fall and winter. We simply appreciate the light. Everyone enjoys sharing snack and stories around the table.