Tuesday walk

Getting ready for a Tuesday walk.  It takes extra time to put on winter layers, so this group is playing on the rocks while the others get ready. Girls found bubbly foam at the base of a hemlock tree.

"Hiding Tree" gets loaded with "monkeys" and "passengers" on getting on a "super duper airplane".

Nature See-Saw is another popular spot on our walk

Hand-built bridge marks a good waiting spot.  Building dams and floating leaf boats are some of the favorite activities in and around this creek.

Children discovered yet another play area.  A tunnel and a climbing structure only available in winter.

We allow children to play with sticks.  Sticks are used as an important tool for digging, reaching, pointing, hitting (not each other), hanging, and much more.

We met our neighbor, Judy on our walk.  Meeting neighbors and seeing people at various work (mail deliverer, road graders) are all part of preschool.

Julia warns Opal not to put a finger into an unknown hole on the ground. "Something can nibble your fingers!"

Sweet hugs between children.

Walking by the garden. Last stretch before going back to the playground.

Anna and Vera stretching ;)

Back to the preschool playground! Tuesday walks are comforting. No big uphill or downhill so it is a good warm up for the first day of a week. Many layers of clothes come off by the end of a walk as children warm up and the temperature raises by mid-day. We enjoy seasonal activities as making a dam in late summer and fall, collecting seeds in fall and winter, and checking out wild flowers in spring. It is always nice to see elderly neighbors we meet on our walk. This was Anna and Julia's last walk as they are moving onto different school next year. Enjoy pictures.